Presbyopia Symptoms

Presbyopia has a lot of symptoms. Some of the most common are described below.

People affected by presbyopia tend to have a difficulty reading at a previously comfortable distance. Words begin to appear blur. 

Affected people might even find it difficult reading late at night, and even when tired and stressed.  Strain of eye can caused eye discomfort, drowsiness and fatigue. This is a result of doing work close to the eyes. 

They may have the need to hold the reading material or other objects further away from their eyes to gain clarity. 

The eye muscles start working to change the lens shape causing several discomforts.  Headaches are common as well.

People affected might want to bring the reading material or other objects at arm's length. Eyestrain is very common.

They might need brighter light to see clearly. Bright lights usually constrict the pupils therefore increasing the depth of focus. 

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