Myopia Symptoms

Myopia symptoms are caused by the difficulty to see distance objects clearly.

People affected by myopia do tend to display a lot of signs and symptoms. Some of them are listed below. If you the reader, tend to show any of these symptoms, please visit your eye doctor right away. Postponing the visit would only complicate the problem.

Eyestrain, headaches, squinting to see properly and difficulty seeing objects far away, such as road signs or a blackboard at school are some of the early symptoms.

Myopia patients tend to have a good near vision, but a blurry distance vision. But in severe cases, people might find difficult to even see near objects.

Refractive error is the inability of the eye to focus the image on retina resulting in a blurred image.

It often occurs in childhood  between the ages of 8 and 12 yrs. During the growing years, Myopia can get worse. Beyond 20 years till 40 yrs, there might be little change.

Children often complain about not able to see the blackboard very clearly. Headaches and squinting of eyes are common. Children's concentration and performance at school gets affected in a major way.

Children might even have problem participating in sports which require good distance vision. They might not be able to express their problem, but the parents have to figure out seeing the behavior of their children. They do tend to place books and papers very close while reading and squint a lot. So parents always have to be keen on monitoring their child's activities.

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