Presbyopia Diagnosis

The Eye doctor will carry out a variety of tests on the eyes of the affected people, to determine the extent of the effect of Presbyopia. Many people tend to hesitate and have a natural fear approaching the eye doctor. Many people even have a hatred towards wearing glasses, thereby fearing to go to an eye doctor. Such people only tend to only increase the effect of Presbyopia on their eyes, leading to more complications. It is always advised to visit the eye doctor as soon as the symptoms are seen.

A standard vision test is done at first. Tests are even done to check for other eye problems, to make sure that the problem is Presbyopia alone or a complication of some other eye problem. Once it is confirmed that the patient does not have any other problem, the doctors carry out a few other tests to confirm Presbyopia. 

A phoropter, (an instrument that measures the amount of refractive error the patient has)is used by the doctor and it helps determine the proper prescription to correct it . The doctor will try out several corrective prescriptions to determine which one will offer the best presbyopia correction for you. Presbyopia surgery can also be considered depending on the extent of effect on the patient's eyes.

Measurements for providing glasses or lenses are also done. The tests that are done include Visual acuity, Retina examination, Refraction test, muscle integrity test, slit lamp test and so on.

Presbyopia is not curable, but the patient can be helped to tackle the effects of it through proper medicines and glasses. It is a natural condition and almost everyone go through it. There is nothing to be feared about.

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