Books for Reference

The following are some books which have some valuable information on Presbyopia and Myopia. Some books have information on these topics in abundance, while some have only very little information. The readers of the blog are requested to do their own research before buying those books. The author is not responsible for anything.

1. The lancet London: a journal of British and foreign medicine, Volume 2

2. Medical and surgical reports of the Episcopal Hospital,       Volume 2

3. On the anomalies of accommodation and refraction of the eye 
   By Franciscus Cornelis Donders

4.Mastering the Presbyopic Surgery Lenses & Phakic IOLS 
     By Garg

5. Medical times and gazette, Volume 2

6. Principles and practice of aviation medicine 
   By Claus Curdt-Christiansen

7. The Medico-chirurgical review, Volume 50 
   By James Johnson

8. Mastering the techniques of presbyopia surgery 
   By Garg

9. Refractive Surgery 
   By Helen K. Wu, Vance Thompson

10. American medical times, Volume 1 
    By Elisha Harris

11. Defects of sight and hearing: their nature, causes,    prevention, and general ... 
      By Thomas Wharton Jones

12. A System of surgery, Volume 2 
    By Timothy Holmes

13. A handy-book of ophthalmic surgery 
    By J.Z. Laurence and R.C. Moon By John Zachariah Laurence,    Robert C. Moon

14. Corneal surgery: theory, technique and tissue 
      By Frederick S. Brightbill, Charles N. J. McGhee, Peter J. McDonnell

15. Step by step LASIK surgery 
      By Rasik B. Vajpayee, Namrata Sharma, Laurence Sullivan

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