Myopia Diagnosis

Eye specialists like an ophthalmologist, optometrist or orthoptist are the ones who conduct tests on the eye, to determine what the problem is and what caused it. There are many tests that are done to determine if a person has Myopia. Some of them are listen below.

Visual acuity test, which is he most common eye examination tests, is done at first. It is nothing but the process of placing a board or chart with letters on them at different distances and making the patient read them out. Based on the distance and the kind of difficulty the patient has in reading them, due to blurness, the level of myopia can be determined and prescriptions can be made based on that.

The refractive error of an eye, can be determined with an instrument called the phoropter.The patient is requested to sit behind the phoropter, and is asked to look through it at an eye chart hanging at a specific distance. The optometrist then changes lenses and other settings, by asking the patient for their feedback on which settings give the best vision.

Retinoscope is another major test that is normally carried out. It is the process of shining light on the eyes of the patient to see the reflection off the retina.

The results of these tests are examined and the extent of Myopia is found out. Treatment then commences and glasses or lens and medicines are prescribed based on these treatments.

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